About the Bureau


The focus of the academic service  and professional to the quality of life of the people in the local community and the society generate revenue from services and management of the area to its full potential.


1. Give academic services, professional, in local communities and society.

2. Academic service integration with  the  mission of the university other.

3. Management and raising revenue from resource.

4. Published knowledge and create a network of academic services.

Strategic Issues

1. Development mechanism, academic services.

2. Promoting the integration of the academic service with the mission on the other side of the University.

3. The management resources of the University to generate revenue.

4. The communication and to create a network of academic service, professional, of the university with external organizations.


1. The University have system and  a mechanism  for academic services  as the that dependency of community local and solve the problem guide that matches needs.

2. University is the integration  academic services With the Mission other of university that there is an Effective.

3. The university has a effective resource management reduce waste and benefits per university

4. The University has a network of cooperation In the academic service and professional.